February 6-8, 2018Anaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, CA

LUTZE Ethernet Cables

LUTZE expands its industrial Ethernet cable offering by introducing a number of teal jacketed Ethernet cables to provide suitable cable solutions for various industrial Ethernet applications. For example: #A1040001 unshielded CAT6 UTP 4X2XAWG23 with PVC jacket intended for use in low noise industrial environments where the effort of installing a shielded cable does not offer any benefit for the application. #104349 shielded flexible Cat5e AWM 600V, PLTC with 22/7 stranding is engineered to protect data from harmful interference ensuring uninterrupted data transmission and long term network reliability. #1040020 shielded Cat5e MOTIONFLEX with TPE jacket for moderate linear and torsional flexing with CMR and CMX outdoor and AWM 600V approvals.

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