Lubrizol LifeSciences Invests More Than $1 million in Thermoplastic Extrusion Technology at Vesta. This investment includes a new tri-layer extrusion line, two new precision extruders, on-line gauging technology, pullers and other downstream equipment.
The newly integrated tri-layer extrusion line is designed to manufacture tri-layer and coextruded tubing with outside diameters ranging from .015” to 0.130” and hold tolerances as tight as 0.0003”, including an ultrasonic online wall thickness gauging system. The gauge is capable of measuring OD, ID and wall thickness as well as real-time feedback and data.
The two precision 1” extruders are designed to manufacture tubing ranging in outside diameters from 0.010” to 0.160” and holding tolerances of 0.0005” or tighter. The extruders are controlled and monitored by a computer system capable of collecting relevant data and storing recipes.